Spaniel Brush & Trim

Watch as this furry friend receives a gentle and meticulous grooming session.

Shih Tzu Shave

A delightful transformation as we capture the journey of a charming Shih Tzu receiving its summer shave.

Schnauzer Cut 

Follow the transformation of a charming Schnauzer during its grooming session.

Yorkie Trim

Watch as we showcase the transformation of a charming Yorkie getting a stylish trim.

Maltese Winter Cut

Follow the delightful journey of a fluffy Maltese receiving its winter cut.

Pekingese Summer Shave

Follow the delightful transformation of a fluffy Pekingese as it receives a refreshing summer haircut.

Pomeranian Contour Cut 

Creating the perfect contour cut for a Pomeranian can transform its appearance, emphasizing its fluffy charm and distinct features.

Poodle Groom

Watch as a we transform this poodle's coat into a stunning and stylish look.

Collie Mohawk Cut

Join us for a delightful and unexpected transformation as we give a beautiful Collie a daring new hairstyle!

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Please also add your breed info to the note section. Mix, chow, cat etc.

We Love our fur friends across the country,
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(Milnerton surrounds and Kraaifontein surrounds)